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Ok I am totally procrastinating at this point. I have to finish a take home exam in which I have to categorize and then explain why the film Run Lola Run might be a clasical Hollywood film, art film, or other. Can you tell me how much fun that is?

Let's see what else is going on, Halloween was OK. I went as Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, and had a pretty good time. People actually recognized who I was dressed as which is always a big bonus, I think. Not that I was concerned about quality of costume, but rather that a lot of people just don't know who the Crue is anymore.

Movies I have seen recently:

The Prestiege- excellent. Very well done, and a superior film to Batman Returns- also by the same director. Even though you might figure out the trick part way through the film, the movie's execution is still good enough that it holds you in your seat, because you WANT to see how the director is going to pull everything off.

The Departed- Martin Scorsese's new film is a triumph of great work. Any film in which Matt Damon, Marky Mark, and Leonardo DiCaprio appear, and all three turn in excellent performances almost has to be good by its very nature, and The Departed lives up to that 100%. Good movie, great story, everything. Go see it, unless you don't like Scorsese's style, because it is right up his alley. There will be at least a few Oscar nominations coming out of this film.

Crank- This movie sucked ass. It felt like it was written by a 13 year old who was asked to come up with a "cool" (cool derisively being used here) concept, and then come up with same "awesome" situations in which it could play out: like the main character doing coke off the floor of a men's bathroom, or him having an argument with and then having sex with his girlfriend out in the middle of the street in Chinatown. Whoopdeedoo! What a crap-tastic movie! Here are 5 movies that were better: Yor- The Hunter from the Future, Ator the Fighting Eagle, Ninja 3 The Domination, The Care Bear Movie, and Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold. What a piece of crap. I am only sad that I didn't walk out of this POS. I feel sullied as a result of having seen this film.


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So school is getting ready to start. I went out last night and got to be exposed to Bloomington nightlife with students in town fo the first time. What a change.

As my colleagues and I sat at the top of the stairs at Nick's, we just watched wave after wave of very young people coming up them. At times it seemed to just be a ludicrous stream of young blonde women, all with the same straight haircut. The most troubling thing, though, wasn't the bevy of true and wannabe blondies, but, rather their atrocious fashion sense.

WHAT ON GOD'S EARTH MAKES YOUNG WOMEN THINK THAT BABY DOLL DRESSES LOOK ATTRACTIVE? THEY JUST MAKE YOU LOOK PREGNANT. If you are trying to hide the fact that you aren't in shape, it doesn't work. We aren't stupid. If you want to wear the low cut jeans that are >IN< right now, then consider getting your stomach in shape, rather than just covering it up. Or maybe wear some reasonable pants. We'll appreciate it all the more, rather than make comments about unattractive babydoll dresses. It is just like back in the early 90's when women used to wear those big sweaters to cover their behinds. Why? Because stretch pants were in, and there is no getting around how out of shape your butt is when you are wearing them, and everyone notices...

Ladies, might I suggest that you get with the program, and if you aren't in shape to wear something, don't bend to fashion and wear it anyway, only to have to feel insecure and have to cover it up, just wear something reasonable to begin with!

Enough ranting for now.


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Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Mutha F'in Plane. Opens tonight at 10PM.

Anyone interested in getting drinks and watching a true cinematic masterpiece?

Let me know!


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I'm back from vacation, and I've been hit hard with my orientation. Every day this week and next. I'm exhausted. Somewhere in here I need to find time to finish unpacking and painting and gtting my house ready.

MOre later!


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A Buck Rogers marathon is on. Man was this show hokey, how did I ever think it was good. It must have been Twiki the Robot and Erin Gray. I have had a crush on erin gray for years. When I get my scanner hooked up I'll scan my picture from her. It says LOVE Erin Gray on it. She was so hot, and looked so much better in her tight satin outfit than Natalie Portman did in her's in the Star Wars films.

I came up with another good costume, how about as Johnny the bad guy from the Karate Kid.

Almost done with the paint in the house. Well phase one. I still want to paint the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen. The white paint there now doesn't go with the with the paint in the living room, and the contrast is a little too obvious.


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Ok so Pee Ww seems to be the theme of my Live Journal entries so far. I just finished watching another episode, and it is totally amazing how well it has held up over the last 20 years. Pee Wee totally kicks ass. I think I might dress as him for Halloween. Or if I can convince someone to go with me, I was thinking about putting together some ZZ Top outfits. It is never too early to start thinking about Halloween. I want to do a Tron costume, but I know how much work that'll take and it isn't happening this year.

Anyway, seeing Lawrence Fishburne in a cowboy costume is hilarious.

Today i painted more, and I think I got a lot done. Now I have to figure out where to put all my clothing. I don't have as much closet space as I thought ;)

I lead such a weird life just alternating between having the discovery and history channels alternating with comecdy central and the cartoon network. It is nice to have cable again though.

Anyone have any good costume ideas?

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I've been here a week and am having a great time. I miss the doggies a bunch, and am getting a little tired of painting, but everything is turning out great. The House doesn't look anything like it did when I got here. The hardwood flooring wasn't too hard to put in, but it makes the place look totally different.

I've gotten to meet some really cool people here, and think that I am going to have a really good time. I really am looking forward to finishing the house (I guess it will always be a work in progress), and being able to hang out here with friends.

My roommate gets here on Tuesday. I hope he is cool.

TTYL, Pee Wee's Playhouse is on.